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The full program contains :

● Over 10 hours of video, where I talk you through these new mindsets so you can master your self-control
● 5 core modules that will take you through the steps needed to build up a new approach to orgasms
● Each module includes exercises, because yes, this does require regular hands-on practice
● Access to the secret facebook group, so that you can reach out for support from myself and other men on the same journey
● A special video to show your partner so she understands what you are doing and support you in lasting longer

"i feel an overall higher level of vitality, presence and confidence in my daily life, also in relation to women." ~Marco

"My erections are stronger... Can really feel that it works. It's amazing. I can hold my sexual energy much better. When we played around together with my girlfriend, she said I look and feel very different, much more myself and in my power." ~Matthew

"it's got all the great information in it without being esoteric or confusing. I've been practicing in a similar style for about a year and it's such a confidence boost as well as enlightening to get to know your body more! There are books, they are all over the shop, this is simple practice." ~Alex White, Men's coach

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