Move it - the missing piece

Moving the energy is also called "sublimation".

Sublimation means taking heavy, raw, vital energy from the lower chakras and turning it into a subtle, refined and light energy in the higher chakras. This is how you can move your sexual energy and use it to charge other areas of your life.

Sublimation will help you move the sharp, intense ejaculation energy away from your genitals and transform it into whole-body energy that can then become a whole-body orgasm. Or perhaps use this practice if you finish a self-pleasuring practice and you feel either heavy with sexual energy or so charged that you can’t think straight. Some of my clients say they can’t sleep at night because of the sexual energy they’ve unleashed. Sublimation can shift this energy.

It’s not only energies that can be sublimed. Strong emotions such as fear, confusion, restlessness, sadness and anger are all related to the lower chakras and can be sublimed into the higher chakras, transforming them into love, creativity, mental clarity and oneness.

The practice of sublimation can be truly life changing because you learn to channel energy in a way that prevents you from being a slave of your hormones and emotions.

So, how is this done?

See below.

I like to move it

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