Welcome to the Ejaculation Control Program !

Watch this short video to get started:

Establish Baseline

As you are starting the program, please write down in your journal:

1. How long do you last on average?

2. What's the longest you managed to last in the past year?

3. How's your sex life in general?

4. How confident do you feel?

Consider sharing on the Facebook group


Please watch/read the sections one-by-one, and make sure you practice the techniques.

Schedule three to five times per week on your calendar as a recurring event to devote to completing the material in the course. Name the event something like “Ejaculation Control practice"

To get access to the secret FB group for the program, add me on FB:

My assistant will add you to the group within 48 hours upon joining, otherwise email me.

Although i might chime in on the group from time to time, it's mainly for you to support each other. Tag me if there's a serious issue and I'll answer the next time i'm visiting.

I recommend you to buddy up with someone in the group, and keep each other accountable. Simple ask: Who wants to buddy up with me?

I recommend you to avoid sex in the first 2-4 weeks of practice. Instead, practice self-pleasuring but aim to avoid ejaculation.

Consider writing down your experiences every day in a journal or a file on your computer.

Start by noting: How long do you last on average? What issues are you challenged by? What do you commit to ?What would be a wonderful outcome of this practice after one month ?

If you have any questions, please email [email protected].

I'm stoked to have you here in the program,

I'm sure you're gonna rock it!


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